Looking for an affordable alternative to the high prices you've probably seen elsewhere?

Don't want to start your married life off already thousands of dollars in the hole?

Maybe you'd rather spend your hard earned/saved money on other things, but still get great pictures of your wedding day???

Well then...

I will sit down with you & put together a package that you can afford, but still get great images.  I'll show you some of the packages I've put together for other clients & the proofs from their weddings, the prices they payed, & we'll go from there...

My wedding prices start at $300 for the basic package & we can work up from there.  This includes a CD of everything and a selection of prints.  Other options are available that can be added on, but this base package is good for the couple on a budget, and smaller weddings in general.


I do this more as a love of photography, not just a business.  Therefore I can drastically cut costs for you & still make a small profit to make it worth my time.  Shop around, please, then give me a call when you've decided!  You won't regret it.