If you're looking for quality portraits, Arresting Photography is ready!

Ok, so you can go to Sears, JC Penny, or even Walmart for that matter. But, are you REALLY happy with the bland photos you will get back? How much time did they take to set up a shot? Did they give you a choice of backgrounds and props? Did they run you in and out in 15 minutes so they could clear out the full waiting room of screaming kids? How about a choice in poses? Did they even offer full length shots?

Most important, did you HAVE FUN??

Chances are, you didn't! If you're going to pay the $$ for these photo's, why not enjoy doing it?

I will take up to 3 hours, if you have the time, to make your photo shoot right! (If you don't have that time, and I can sympathize with that, I'll take whatever time you have!) I give you a choice of backgrounds, props, colors, with many examples to show you. Color, Black and White, close-ups or full length poses, whatever it takes, I can do it.

And most importantly, you'll have FUN while you're there!!
Prices run $150 and up for packages, with many add-ons possible. Take a look at the Galleries, check out the prices and compare...