A Fantasy Portfolio creates a living fantasy, a way to express ideas or maybe just to have some fun.  I will take you beyond the revolving-door-in-and-out-in-15-minutes "Glamour Shot" & take the time to create a scenario that can range from mild to wild, from meek to bizarre!

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I will listen to your ideas, and offer mine, and combine the two to create an illusion that you will remember for a lifetime.

I have years of experience and can help you imagine that special image that only YOU can create.


This is your big chance to do whatever you want! Let yourself go, be creative!

I have lots of costumes, and even more ideas. This is my specialty, I try to create for you a special photographic session that you will remember forever!

Feel like getting crazy? Go for it. Take a look through the Galleries for some ideas.


And if your "significant other" has any particular tastes, let us know. Certain costumes, high heels, lingerie, whatever your fantasy, we can deliver...

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And you'll have FUN doing it!!

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So if you're ready to become an alluring convict guilty of mischief, a risque French Maid, who's good at taking care of things, a sexy nurse with a great bedside manner, a seductive policewoman, who's let herself be arrested by love, or maybe a scantily clad construction worker who's a little "wrapped up" in her work,

Give me a call!